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This Association is managed by a member elected volunteer committee and was founded in 1977 to provide a united lobbying effort on behalf of landlords in face of the then proposed Residential Tenancies Act. As a result of strong representation by this association, many of the draconian sections of the proposed Act were either withdrawn or reduced in their intensity.

It has been our objective ever since to continue to represent all landlords of this state by making representations to the government on matters which directly affect landlords. We remain strongly opposed to a number of sections of the Residential Tenancies Act 1995, especially those sections that are clearly biased against landlords. We hope that as time progresses our membership will grow thereby making our influence stronger. This, in turn, should assist us in lobbying to have the Act further reviewed and amended.

In addition, we provide our members with assistance. If you have any questions, problems with tenants, problems with the South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (SACAT) or any matter relating to your residential tenancy business as a landlord then, for assistance, please contact your association on 0419 804 509 in the first instance.

Thank you for your support by joining this association. We look forward to being of support to you and we look forward also to meeting you at the next general meeting.

Good Luck.
Rodney Webb
Membership Officer

Telephone: 0419 804 509
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Postal Address:
GPO Box 2486, Adelaide, SA 5001