Empowering Landlords, Shaping Policy, Fostering Community

Our mission is to advocate for the rights and interests of all landlords in SA to create a balanced and fair rental environment, while serving as a dedicated voice and direct support network for our members. 

Our mission is founded on four pillars that shape our vision and guide our actions:

  1. Advocacy

    As a collective force, we aim to influence legislation that strikes a fair balance between the rights of landlords and the needs of the broader community, thereby fostering a sustainable and vibrant rental market in South Australia. Through unwavering dedication, we strive to ensure that the rights and interests of landlords are respected, protected, and upheld.

  2. Support

    We stand with landlords during challenging times, offering guidance and support when dealing with tenant-related issues. Our association provides valuable resources, expertise, and a supportive network to help landlords navigate disputes and challenges, fostering equitable and respectful relationships between landlords and tenants.

  3. Education

    We are committed to empowering both new and experienced landlords with the knowledge and skills needed to act in accordance with current legislation, and in a manner that fosters positive relationships with their tenants. Through educational programs, workshops, and resources, we ensure that our members are well-informed, well-prepared, and capable of making informed decisions in the dynamic world of property management.

  4. Community

    We foster a sense of community among landlords, providing opportunities for networking and collaboration. Through our association, members can connect, share experiences, and build valuable relationships with fellow landlords, contributing to a supportive and informed landlord community.

Our mission is grounded in the belief that a thriving and harmonious rental market benefits landlords, tenants, and the broader South Australian community. We are dedicated to promoting cooperation, understanding, and fairness, ensuring that South Australia remains a place where landlords can thrive, tenants can access quality housing, and all stakeholders’ interests are thoughtfully represented.

Join us in our mission to create a more equitable and prosperous rental landscape in South Australia. Together, we can make a positive impact on the lives of landlords and tenants alike, while contributing to the growth and prosperity of our region.


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