Member Benefits

  1. Recieve a ‘landlords kit’ – a useful set of tips and trick developed by landlords (Not available on the consumer and business affairs website).
  2. Contribute to the cause now and into the future – By pooling funds, when the government threatens to make changes which negatively impact landlords, we can fund ad campaigns to raise awareness of the issues thereby fighting for your rights!
  3. Make screening of tenants that much easier by accessing the TICA national tenant database – limit to 2 free searches per member per year*
  4. Access the CORELOGIC data base – Used by Real Estate agents
    1. Make a proper assessment of the rental value of the property
    2. Use it to make investment decisions on your next property purchase
    3. Limited to 4 searches per member per year*
  5. Free access to workshops provided by self taught investors who are in the property market and are willing to share their insights on:
    1. Investing in residential property
    2. Managing your residential rental properties.
    3. These are run subject to member demand – REGISTER YOUR INTEREST HERE
  6. Advice via telephone or email on tenancy issues including SACAT queries from the executive committee
  7. Quarterly meeting with guest speakers and the discussion of matters relating to landlords, including taxation, insurance and finance issues.
  8. Updates on any proposed changes to the Residential Tenancy Act 1995 or Strata Title Act 1988
  9. Access of minutes of meetings, president’s report and all our newsletters.

* fees apply for subsequent use


To join the Landlords’ Association (S.A.) Inc., simply complete the Membership Form.

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